The warning bell rings at 7:20 and classes begin at  7:25 AM. Dismissal is at 2:05 PM.

On early release (half days) the bell will ring at 11:45 AM.

On days when the opening of school is delayed the warning bell will ring at 9:20 AM and classes will begin at 9:25 AM.

All Delayed Openings are 2 hours (120 minutes.)

You can sign up for District Alerts on the Stamford Public Schools website for the latest information on school closings and delays. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Subscribe to News. Input your e-mail address and check District Alerts. Click on Subscribe Me

WHS Day Cycle

  • 2016-17 Day Cycle (PDF) - Every day has a letter. Print this chart out to know what the rotation will be in advance. 

WHS Bell Schedules For Students

WHS Bell Schedules For Classrooms

District and WHS Calendars