The Career Center is being remodeled and refurbished! Thanks to a generous grant from volunteers at the GE Corporation, the Career Center has been redesigned, and will receive new computers, new furniture, a new conference room, new carpeting, and a new paint job! The very exciting transition will take place between September 21 (Demolition Day) and should have a grand re-opening in December.

We will still need our corps of volunteers to Meet and Greet college admissions counselors, help with Book Awards and Scholarships, and a variety of other tasks. Please contact Mrs. Levin if you are interested in being a Career Center Volunteer.



The Job Corps hosts briefing sessions every Tuesday at 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. at the A.B.C.D. Building, 1070 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT.

Job Corps is a Vocational Training Program for 16 to 24 year olds that is the nation's oldest and largest federally funded training and education program for economically disadvantaged youth. There are nine sites throughout New England offering a large variety of vocational opportunities. For more information, visit the Job Corps website at and/or call Gene Woodcock, Admissions Counselor at 203-367-3472.

Want a place to donate view books, catalogs, SAT Prep and college search books?

The Career Center will gladly accept your donations, and make them available to students who don't have them.




U.S. Two-Year Colleges

Over 1,000 schools linked here,as well as resource information by location, major, and special programs.


Did you know that New York City has 110 colleges and universities?

Visit the web site and find out what each has to offer,

including information about financial aid, housing, and transportation.

For excellent schools that might be "off the beaten path," click on Colleges of Distinction.

Some of these schools are well known to the general public, and some are not. But every one has been

honored for the excellence of its programs, and is highly recommended by those in the know

about college education.

Military News:

The Marine Corps Band is holding auditions for talented musicians. In the Marine Corps band you would work as

a full-time musician with one of the twelve MC bands around the world or in the U.S. Marine Drum and

Bugle corps. Band members play 300-400 concerts a year and receive MC benefits such as salary, music school, promotions, dental and medical, etc. If you would like more information about this opportunity, go to: and select the Musician Enlistment Option.


Career Information:

Have you ever thought about what kind of job a particular college major might lead to? A great little tool at

can convert a major to a career.

Go to the Career Converter and check it out!




there are certain things you absolutely must learn to do. Click on the

 image  to see what they are!


Looking for a job?  Try on of these!

Search GoliathJobs and other major boards - all in one place.

GoliathJobs is a free web-based employment service. Employers

and recruiters post jobs at no charge.   


Have you checked out Just type in the town in which you want to work,

and it will give you back a list of employers who are looking for part-time help. They'll also e-mail

you when something comes up in which you might be interested!


InDemand--Connecticut today's students with the careers of tomorrow.

InDemand is delivered regularly to the Career Center, but it's now available FREE on-line in PDF format! Each issue focuses

on a particular Career Area, such as Construction, Energy, Health Care, or Manufacturing. Find out how you can turn your interests

into a Career! Go to and look for the magazine logo at the bottom left of the screen. You'll also find a host

of other useful tools here!!



HVAC Training: Are you looking for a nearby place to get the training you need?

ICPA in Cromwell, CT (Independent CT Petroleum Association Technical Education Center) is a non-profit,

private occupational school accredited by the CT Dept. of Higher Education. For more info, check the Vocational

file in the College/Career Center, or go to

  Connecticut Career Resource Network is a valuable tool that spotlights various Careers and programs to help citizens

reach their Career goals. The publication UPDATE is offerred at least quarterly, and, along with other publications, is available on-line at: The winter issue featuresCulinary Careers, Special Loan

programs for Health Care professionals, a  review of the latest "Parachute" book, and a look at the benefits of

entry-level jobs.


Did you know that NBC News now has a School of Broadcast Journalism? They have joined with the New York Film Academy

to meet the increasing demand for journalists who can get the story, shoot and edit it using new digital technology and

deliver it for broadcast or internet distribution. There is a summer program and programs that begin in September and January.

Go online at for more information.

New York Film Academy also has courses in filmmaking, acting, producing, screenwriting, editing, and 3-D animation.


The Connecticut Floral Association's Floral Design School offers a forty classroom hour program for those interested

in a career in the floral industry. The course will prepare you for an entry level position in the floral industry and

prepare you to take a written and practical exam for a Certificate of Successful Completion. The only requirements are

that you be at least sixteen years old. For more information, go to

  "Tomorrow's Healthcare Calls for More Than Just Doctors."

Health Information Management is for people who understand the BUSINESS of healthcare and technology needed to treat patients and offer preventive care.

You can get either a two year or four year degree! If you're interested in finding out more, go to:, and to find accredited colleges  that offer this major, go to


Interested in Health and Medical Science Careers? Check out the LifeWorks web site which has a variety of tools to help you

decide just which medical career would be right for you.


Interested in a fun Career?

Try Dog Grooming!

The Connecticut School of Dog Grooming in North Haven offers both full and part-time programs

to help you complete their Career Program of 200 hours. Visit to find out more.


Interested in becoming a CPA?

The Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants offers its online "Student Center" as a resource for those

who want to learn more about the CPA profession. Go to


Planning Your Future?

Top 8 Jobs with the Largest Projected Growth over the Next Ten Years! Click here


Look at this article from

20 Great Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree


ARE YOU CEO MATERIAL? Take this quiz on Encarta and find out.


Confused about Early Decision and Early Action?

Click here!!            FAQS -- Answered here!!



What does it mean to think "outside the box" about college? Find out in this provoking article from the NY Times.


What does it take to be accepted to college? How competitive is it really? This excellent article from USA Today offers some excellent advice.


Do my Senior Year grades really count? How about after I get accepted to college? For the answer, click here.