WHS Faculty and Staff Database Sorted By: Department
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Last Name First Name Phone Email Room Department
Rinaldi Michael 203.977.4838 mRinaldi@stamfordCT.gov Finch Office​ Principal
Dunlap Chase 203.977.6683 cDunlap@stamfordCT.gov Freshman Office Assistant Principal
Obas-LeGare Claudia 203.977.4484 cObas@StamfordCT.gov Raynor Office Assistant Principal
Rinaldi Peter 203.977.5322 pRinaldi@stamfordCT.gov Freshman Office Assistant Principal
Wax PJ 203.977.5957 pjWax@stamfordCT.gov Finch Office Assistant Principal
Pereira Tom 203.977-5305 tPereira@stamfordCT.gov The Halls Dean of Students
Corbo Alison 203-977-9032 aCorbo@stamfordCT.gov Finch Office​ Executive Secretary


Last Name First Name Phone Email Room Department
Konrad Robin 203.977.5634 rKonrad@stamfordCT.gov 7 Art and Music - Dept Chair
Curri Jonathan   jCurri@stamfordCT.gov 118/09 Art and Music
Dilworth Tamara   tDilworth@stamfordCT.gov 08 Art and Music
Furletti Deborah   dFurletti@stamfordCT.gov 10 Art and Music
Moncure Elizabeth   eMoncure@stamfordCT.gov 06 Art and Music
Nesbitt Melissa   mNesbitt@stamfordCT.gov 11 Art and Music
Ryan Jessyca   jRyan@StamfordCT.gov 11/12 Art and Music
Shay Justin   jShay@stamfordCT.gov 09/10 Art and Music
Wyatt Michael   mWyatt@stamfordCT.gov 15 Art and Music
Kumar Kim 203.977.4489 kKumar@stamfordCT.gov 111/106 Business/Unified Arts - Dept Chair
DosSantos Joseph   jDosSantos@stamfordCT.gov 103 Business/Unified Arts
Jordan Robert   rJordan@stamfordCT.gov 003/4 Business/Unified Arts
Kurtz Karen   kKurtz@stamfordCT.gov 117 Business/Unified Arts
Marcucio Frank   fMarcucio@stamfordCT.gov 223 Business/Unified Arts
Poyser Tanesha   tPoyser@stamfordCT.gov 206 Business/Unified Arts
Sansone Nicole   nSansone@stamfordct.gov 105 Business/Unified Arts
Temelini Stephen   sTemelini@stamfordCT.gov 104/221 Business/Unified Arts
Sosa Indiana   iSosa@stamfordCT.gov 504/110 Business/Unified Arts - Bi-Lingual
Wheeler Christine 203.977.4490 cWheeler@stamfordCT.gov 220 English - Dept Chair
Brunner Erica   eBrunner@stamfordCT.gov 602 English
Cahill Stephanie   SCahill@StamfordCT.gov 601 English
Calandro Amy   aCalandro@stamfordCT.gov 428 English
Celcis Joseph   jCelcis@stamfordCT.gov 222 English
DeAngelis Maria   mDeAngelis1@StamfordCT.gov 405 English
Denbaum Drew   dDenbaum@StamfordCT.gov 430 English
Denninger Robin   rDenninger@stamfordCT.gov 213 English
Dunbar Michelle   mDunbar@stamfordCT.gov 215 English
Gallo Alanna   aGallo@stamfordCT.gov 606 English
Guererra Nicole   nGuerrera@StamfordCT.gov 601 English
Lukas Mark   mLukas@stamfordCT.gov 400 English
McKenzie Tiffani   tMcKenzie@StamfordCT.gov 402 English
Melfi-Smith Jeanie   jMelfiSmith@stamfordCT.gov 611 English
Pinsince Jay   jPinsince@stamfordCT.gov 429 English
Reap Jessica   jReap@stamfordCT.gov 434 English
Rousseau Mike   mRousseau@StamfordCT.gov 219 English
Switzer Holly   hSwitzer@stamfordCT.gov 606 English
Tobin Katharine   kTobin@stamfordCT.gov 432 English
von Wahlde Michael   mvonWahlde@stamfordCT.gov 216 English
Walden Ruth   rWalden@stamfordCT.gov 431 English
Wooley David   dWooley@stamfordCT.gov 224 English
Agosto Thomas 203.977.4697  TAgosto@stamfordct.gov Career Center Guidance
Andrews Joseph 203.977.5514  JAndrews2@stamfordct.gov Main Office Guidance
Bunn Ashley 203.977.5992  ABunn@stamfordct.gov Main Office Guidance
DeLuca Carole 203.977.4501  CDeluca@stamfordct.gov Career Center Guidance - Department Head
Dunsmore Melissa 203.977.5747  mdunsmore@stamfordct.gov Main Office Guidance
James Dinie 203.977.4503  DJames@stamfordct.gov Main Office Guidance
Marchesani Mark 203.977.5750  mMarchesani@stamfordct.gov Career Center Guidance
Midy Mindy 203.977.4499 mmidy@stamfordct.gov Career Center Guidance
Milas Spiro 203.977.5748  SMilas@stamfordct.gov Career Center Guidance
Mitchell Christine 203.977.4431  CMitchell3@stamfordct.gov Career Center Guidance
Ochoa Paola 203.977.4483  pOchoa@stamfordct.gov Main Office Guidance
Stepkoski Thomas 203.977.5535  TStepkoski@stamfordct.gov Career Center Guidance
Osowiecki Meghan   MOsowiecki@StamfordCT.gov   IEP Compliance Coordinator
Finick (Sgt Major) Lance 203.977.5075 lFinick@stamfordCT.gov 13 JROTC
Weber (Major) William 203.977.5075 BWeber@stamfordCT.gov 14 JROTC
Capriotti Michael 203.977.5619 mCapriotti@stamfordCT.gov 413 Math - Dept Chair
Appel Arlene   aAppel@stamfordCT.gov 316 Math
Ashkin Ellen   eAshkin@stamfordCT.gov 303 Math
D’Arrigo Jennifer   jDArrigo@stamfordCT.gov 510 Math
Fernandez Oswaldo   oFernandez@stamfordCT.gov 318 Math
Khetan Vibha   vKhetan@stamfordCT.gov 302 Math
Kieffer Sally   sKieffer@stamfordCT.gov 323 Math
Malagisi Anamaria   aMalagisi@stamfordCT.gov 322 Math
Manning Catherine   cManning@stamfordCT.gov 320 Math
Manzino Georgianna   gManzino@stamfordCT.gov 300 Math
O’Brien Sharon   SOBrien1@StamfordCT.gov 319 Math
Ojha Govind   gOjha@stamfordCT.gov 427 Math
Saleh Hanna   HSaleh@StamfordCT.gov 512 Math
Sarkar Chandan   cSarkar@stamfordCT.gov 414/510 Math
Scully Patricia   pScully@stamfordCT.gov 323 Math
Tennent Kristin   kTennent@stamfordCT.gov 317 Math
Weintraub Stephen   sWeintraub@stamfordCT.gov 301 Math
Worley Patricia   pWorley@stamfordCT.gov 508 Math
Yu Peter   ptyu@stamfordct.gov 511 Math
Garcia Roberto   rGarcia@stamfordCT.gov 421 Math - Bi-Lingual
Jimenez Diana   dJimenez@StamfordCT.gov 322 Math - Bi-Lingual
Ferenz Christina        Math - Intern
Letson Ruth 203-977-4486 rLetson@stamfordCT.gov Media Center Media
Benedict Jan 203-977-4486 jBenedict@stamfordCT.gov Media Center Media - Dept Chair
Ferrero Jean 203-977-4487 jFerrero@stamfordCT.gov   Nurse
Surgeon Julette  203-977-4487 jSurgeon@StamfordCT.gov   Nurse
Quattrocchi Camille 203-977-4238 cQuattrocchi@stamfordCT.gov 500/503 PE & Health - Dept Chair
Bertone James   jBertone@stamfordCT.gov 500 PE & Health
Birch Brenda 203-977-6144 bBirch@stamfordCT.gov gym PE & Health
Cikatz Barbara   bCikatz@stamfordCT.gov 504/pool PE & Health
Cutolo Susan   sCutolo@stamfordCT.gov 502 PE & Health
DeAngelo Kevin 203-977-5976 kDeAngelo@stamfordCT.gov gym/501/pool PE & Health
Kurtz William 203-977-4496 wKurtz@stamfordCT.gov gym PE & Health
Lamour Stanley 203-977-5976 sLamour@stamfordCT.gov gym/503 PE & Health
Mulvany DJ 203-977-4496 dMulvany@stamfordCT.gov gym PE & Health
Riveles Michael 203-977-4496 mRiveles@stamfordCT.gov gym/501 PE & Health
Sher-Kalter Marcia 203-977-5976 mSherkalter@stamfordCT.gov gym PE & Health
Savo Larry 203-977-4696 lSavo@stamfordCT.gov gym PE & Health - Athletic Director
McNamara Diane 203.977.5629 dMcNamara@stamfordCT.gov 308 Science - Dept Chair
Campbell Ashley   aCampbell@StamfordCT.gov Ag Rm 9 Science
Cipolla Virginia   vCipolla@StamfordCT.gov Ag Rm 2 Science
Clark Wendy   WClark@StamfordCT.gov 613 Science
DePeano John   jDePeano@stamfordCT.gov 304 Science
Dodita Laura   lDodita@stamfordCT.gov 115 Science
Fabre Amparo   aFabre@stamfordCT.gov 315 Science - Bi-Lingual


  AGiblen@stamfordCT.gov 615 Science





310 Science
Handy Emily   eHandy@stamfordCT.gov 616 Science
Jeffries Danielle   dJeffries@stamfordCT.gov Ag Rm 1 Science
Johnson Robert   rJohnson1@stamfordct.gov 612 Science
Kumar Rajinder   


112 Science
Leveille Jennifer    jLeveille@StamfordCT.gov 307 Science
Migiano Jennifer   jMigiano@stamfordCT.gov 114 Science
Miller Charlotte   cMiller2@stamfordCT.gov 107 Science
Otterspoor Sean   sOtterspoor@stamfordCT.gov 305 Science
Oviasu-Egege Miriam   MOviasu-Nosa@stamfordCT.gov 109 Science
Paolini Marianna   mPaolini@stamfordCT.gov 321 Science
Perry Neal   nPerry@stamfordCT.gov 313 Science
Porter-Collins Ashley   aPorterCollins@stamfordCT.gov Ag Rm 12 Science
Soto Sandra   sSoto@stamfordCT.gov 614 Science
Spata Erin   eSpata@stamfordCT.gov 309 Science
Stabile Jules   gStabile@stamfordCT.gov 113 Science
Forbes Lisa 203.977.4495 lForbes@stamfordCT.gov 418 Social Studies - Dept Chair
Begetis Kathryn   kBegetis@stamfordCT.gov 603 Social Studies
Berkley Sheryl   sBerkley@stamfordCT.gov 407 Social Studies
Cerone Richard   rCerone@stamfordCT.gov 403 Social Studies
Coyle Kristine   kCoyle@stamfordCT.gov 411 Social Studies
Devine Dan   dDevine@stamfordCT.gov 610 Social Studies
English Kaylin   kEnglish@StamfordCT.gov 603 Social Studies
Hill Charles   cHill@stamfordCT.gov 408 Social Studies
Kubick Tyson   tKubick@stamfordCT.gov 420 Social Studies
Loesch Alyce   aLoesch@stamfordCT.gov 417 Social Studies
Mazza Raymond   rMazza@stamfordCT.gov  423 Social Studies
Miraballes Maria   mMiraballes@stamfordCT.gov 433 Social Studies
Mitchell Avalyn   aMitchell@stamfordCT.gov 607 Social Studies
Page Todd   tPage@stamfordCT.gov 600 Social Studies
Petrone Joseph   jPetrone@stamfordCT.gov 420 Social Studies
Stone Scott   sStone@StamfordCT.gov 604 Social Studies
Taylor Erin   eTaylor@stamfordCT.gov 419 Social Studies
Tintle Laura   lTintle@stamfordCT.gov 405 Social Studies
White Patrick   pWhite@stamfordCT.gov 415 Social Studies
Sandoval Owen   oSandoval@StamfordCT.gov 415 Social Studies - Bi-Lingual
Carillo Jeannie       Social Worker - Bi-Lingual
Curley Mary   mCurley@stamfordCT.gov   Social Worker
Pazmino Juan   jPazmino@stamfordCT.gov Freshman Office Social Worker
Schwach Alexis   ASchwach@StamfordCT.gov   Social Worker
Cuttitta Elayne   eCuttitta@stamfordCT.gov 409/401/Raynor Office Special Education - Dept Chair
Aivalis Stefanie    sAivalis@StamfordCT.gov 609 Special Education
Conroy Ellen   eConroy@stamfordCT.gov 426 Special Education
DeVellis Joseph   jDeVellis@stamfordCT.gov 401 Special Education
Forgione Dawn   dForgione@StamfordCT.gov  513 Special Education
Goldstein Haydee   hGoldstein@stamfordCT.gov   Special Education
Kazi Julie   jKazi@stamfordCT.gov 312 Special Education
Leary Amy   aLeary@stamfordCT.gov 102 Special Education
McBride Ricky   rMcBride@stamfordCT.gov 409 Special Education
Nestor Patty   pNestor@stamfordCT.gov 209 Special Education
Nichols Mary   MNichols2@stamfordCT.gov   Special Education
Pelta Steve   sPelta@stamfordCT.gov 101 Special Education
White Mary Ellen   MEWhite@stamfordCT.gov 404 Special Education
Winne Denise   dWinne@stamfordCT.gov 314 Special Education
Rojas Carlos    cRojas@StamfordCT.gov   Special Education - Bi-Lingual
Corrigan Teresita   tCorrigan@tStamfordCT.gov   Speech & Language
Dias Laura   lDias@stamfordCT.gov   Speech & Language
Herz Ann 203.977.4491 aHerz@stamfordCT.gov 202 World Language - Dept Chair
Alvarez Nathalia   nAlvarez@stamfordCT.gov 208 World Language
Cabanillas Moises   mCabanillas@stamfordCT.gov 218 World Language
Costa Josie   jCosta@stamfordCT.gov 211 World Language
Diaz Joel   jDiaz@stamfordCT.gov 202 World Language
Forcelli Anthony   aForcelli@stamfordCT.gov 435 World Language
Franchina Joseph   jFranchina@stamfordCT.gov 210 World Language
Frishman Macrie   mFrishman@stamfordCT.gov 425 World Language/ELL
Kelley-Young Bonnie   BKelleyYoung@StamfordCT.gov 425 World Language
Laffan Jean   jLaffan@stamfordCT.gov 203 World Language
Magnifico Pier   pMagnifico@stamfordCT.gov 201 World Language
Mendez Andrea   AMendez@stamfordCT.gov 205 World Language
Mroz Barbara   bMroz@stamfordct.gov_ 214 World Language
Nelson Laura   lNelson2@stamfordCT.gov 204 World Language
Petrizzi Jessica   jPetrizzi@stamfordCT.gov 200 World Language
Popescu Carmina   cPopescu@stamfordCT.gov 212 World Language
Bonilla Angie   aBonilla@stamfordCT.gov 318 World Language/ESL
Niwa Asaka   aNiwa@stamfordCT.gov 217 World Language/ESL
Romanova Emma   eRomanova@stamfordCT.gov 207 World Language/ESL
Perez Emma   ePerez@stamfordCT.gov 306 World Language/ESL
Tubis Zhanna   zTubis@stamfordCT.gov 116 World Language/ESL


Last Name First Name Phone Email Room Department 
Makanji Pratima   pMakanji@stamfordCT.gov   Account Clerk
Battinelli  Lee 4876     Cafeteria Manager
Bartlett Derrick 4488     Custodian
Buccino Carlo 4488 cBuccino@stamfordCT.gov   Custodian - Head 2
Bxybee Brendan 4488     Custodian
Catchings Revie 4488     Custodian
Elbert Scott 4488     Custodian
Kadeg Dave 4488     Custodian
Mammone Mike 4488     Custodian
McKeithen, Jr Alvin 4488     Custodian
Mignogno Vincent 4488     Custodian
Plateroti Dominick 4488 dPlateroti@stamfordCT.gov   Custodian - Head 1
Ponce Rueben 4488     Custodian
Morgan  Robert 4488     Custodian - Night Lead
Vitti Chris 4488     Custodian
Barkan Anita   aBarkan@stamfordCT.gov   Office Support Staff
Bartlet Jennifer   jBartlet@stamfordCT.gov   Office Support Staff
Di Nardo Nicole   nDiNardo@stamfordCT.gov   Office Support Staff
Dukes Elizabeth   eDukes@stamfordCT.gov   Office Support Staff
Birch Darlene       Security - Conflict Mediator
Booker Dante       Security
Gil Luis       Security
Lane Edward       Security
Mancusi Joseph       Security
Newton Elreatha       Security
Neysmith Mark       Security
Perdue Gordon       Security
Segovia Sean       Security
Spinelli Ramona       Security
Wright Nick 4758 nWright@stamfordCT.gov   Security - Dept Head
Buccino Toni 4937     Student Health Center
Dawson Heather 4937     Student Health Center
DeVito Jennifer 4937     Student Health Center
Granda Ana 4937     Student Health Center
Oliveira Cristina 4937     Student Health Center