Westhill High School values learning because it promotes academic excellence, civic responsibility, and personal growth. Our community provides all students with opportunities to acquire, analyze, and apply knowledge.


The year was 1969. The month, November. Construction commenced, and for Westhill High School, it was the beginning. The estimated cost of the proposed school was $12.8 million for the 335,500 square foot building. The ground breaking ceremony was held on November 25, 1969. The final cost of this enormous project? About $14.8 million.


 The original vision of Westhill was that it be two separate schools: freshman and sophomores in one building, juniors and seniors in the other. The other alternative was to separate four year programs housed in the two buildings. They were to share the cafeteria, library, auditorium, and gym. This building design was followed, but plans changed for the programs. Westhill opened as a traditional high school with all students having classes in both buildings.


Westhill High School became the school's official name on January 12, 1971. The school opened with a freshman, sophomore, and junior class. The school colors, purple and gold, and the mascot, the Viking, were borrowed from the Minnesota Vikings, the new NFL team that season. The first official graduating class was in 1973.


Four decades later Westhill High School is thriving. A student body of roughly 2,500 students and nearly 200 certified staff work tirelessly to improve the teaching and learning environment for all learners. A multitude of AP course offerings, numerous electives, a JROTC program, an agricultural science program, dozens of clubs and numerous sport offerings have Westhill High School the place to be now and for decades to come.


We are Westhill and Proud!