Ms. Kumar is the head of the Business and Unified Arts department. She can be reached at 203-977-5617 or

Courses include:
  • Business Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Info Tech
  • Principles of Finance

The business program is designed to develop problem-solving skills for everyday life, to identify goals, to analyze methods of achieving those goals, and to assist students in making informed career choices. The business courses are not only valuable preparation for those students who are planning for a career in business, but also for those interested in other career paths. The business methods and skills taught will be useful to students entering the business field immediately after graduation, as well as to those planning to attend college or a business school.


237  -   5 Points

Grade: 11, 12

This course is designed for those students who are considering a business course of study in college. Business Law focuses on the study of the state and federal court structure, the laws of business, contracts, sales, bailments, negotiable paper, agency insurance, and business organization. Students learn about the importance of the law in our form of government and their legal rights and obligations with respect to the juvenile justice system.

2080 - 5 Points

This course is offered in conjunction with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Students study the basics of marketing, financing, and managing a business. The focus is on preparing students to start a "real business" as well as developing an understanding of opportunity recognition, marshaling resources, risk analysis, and other pending business issues.

This course has a strong emphasis on business conduct, speaking and presentation skills.   Class participation is key. Each student is required to write a complete business plan and Power Point presentation.   A competition at the end of the year will be held to determine the best business plan and a monetary award given.

Certain class activities involve money.   Students are able to “keep their profits”, but are responsible for the return of any startup money advanced them by either Westhill High School or NFTE.   


2.5 Points

This course focuses on Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations, and Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets. In the word processing application, students create and edit an MLA report, resume, and cover letter. Using the presentation software, students create and edit a presentation with illustrations and shapes. Using the spreadsheet software, students create a worksheet with embedded charts, learn to use formulas, functions, web queries, what-if analysis charting, and learn to work with large worksheets.

Course Description:

    This course will focus on Word for word processing and PowerPoint for graphic presentations and excel for spreadsheets.

2.5 Points
Grade: 11
This course presents a survey of the principles and practices of banking and credit in the United States. The students learn about the major functions of banks and other depository institutions, in-house operations and procedures, central banking through the Federal Reserve System, and modern trends in the banking industry. The credit components provide an overview of credit functions and operations including credit risk evaluation, loan creation, and debt collection


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