Department Head

Diane McNamara


CAPT Corner

Resources your child needs to be successful on the Connecticut Academic
Achievement Test


In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-223a, it is the express policy of the Board of Education that all students in the Stamford Public Schools shall fulfill the following requirements in order to graduate from high school:
  1. Pass all district required courses for graduation, as posted in the District Program of Studies
  2. Take all sections of the CAPT test and either:  
    1. Pass the CAPT at proficient level;  
    2. Pass an alternate national standardized assessment at proficient level (as the Superintendent shall define by regulation); or  
    3. Meet the requirements of a district performance task at proficient level.
  3. In order to assist teachers and students in understanding and complying with this policy, the Board of Education, through the Superintendent, shall adopt regulations concerning the implementation of these graduation requirements. Students who fail to meet these high school graduation requirements shall not graduate from high school, except as may be specifically provided in the regulations.
Last Name First Name Email Address Room
McNamara Diane 615
Campbell Ashley Ag Rm 9
Cipolla Virginia agrm2
Clark Wendy 309
Cole Patty  
DePeano John 304
Dodita Laura 115
Fabre Amparo 308
Grant Carley 310
Hamilton Virginia Ag Rm 10
Handy Emily 113
Jeffries Danielle Ag Rm 1
Johnson Robert 109
Kumar Rajinder 112
Lathrop Joan 114
Leveille Jennifer 307
Miller Charlotte 107
Otterspoor Sean 305
Oviasu-Egege Miriam 614
Paolini Marianna 321
Perry Neal 313
Soto Sandra  
Spata Erin 309
Stabile Jules 616


The State of Connecticut and the Stamford Public Schools' frameworks foster the development of interest in global issues and the ability to collect, analyze, and use data to explore and explain related science concepts for students in grades 9 and 10. For students in grades 11 and 12, the focus of learning shifts to the development of deep understanding of science concepts and principles and to the preparation for future studies and careers. Interactive boards and web-based resources are used extensively in every course.


Program of Studies

Course Offerings

  • CP Physical Science
  • Sheltered CP Physical Science
  • CP Biology
  • Sheltered CP Biology
  • CP Earth Systems (½ year)
  • CP Space Systems (½ year)
  • CP Chemistry
  • CP Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Honors Biology
  • Honors Chemistry
  • Honors Physics
  • AP Biology
  • UConn ECE/AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • UConn ECE/AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics B 
  • AP Physics C 
  • AP Environmental Science
  • UConn ECE/AP Environmental  


Science Electives:
  • Environmental Science (½ year)
  • Forensic Science (½ year)
  • CP Forensic Science
  • Human Physiology
  • Marine Biology (½ year)
  • Science Research
  • Biobotics (½ year)
  • Bioethics (½ year)
  • Biotechnology (½ year)