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Social Studies teachers are at the forefront of teaching citizenship.  Today, citizenship has extended into the digital world.  “Students need to be educated on how to be good citizens of their country and what their rights and responsibilities are as members of society. The same issues need to be addressed with regard to the emerging digital society, so that students can learn how to be responsible and productive members of that society.” -Mike Ribble, Digital Citizenship in Schools, 2007

AP US History

Task: The following terms are main concepts that will arise throughout the year. For each of the following terms you must provide a definition (content), the background/overview (contextualization), a comparison (synthesis), and an analysis (point of view). An example has been modeled for you.



AP World Assignment

You are required to complete all parts of this assignment for full credit This packet will be weighted as a Test Grade and count towards your 1st Quarter Average.  The Summer Assignment is broken up into two different parts: Part One – Basic Understanding and Part Two – World Maps