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Mrs. Kim Kumar

(203) 977-5617

Business or
Unified Arts teacher:

(203) 977- 4489

Westhill FBLA


Mrs. Kumar and 
Mrs. Kurtz

FBLA meets first Tuesday of every month in Room 117.

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A national program that brings work and school experience together for students interested in studying Business.

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The business program is designed to develop problem-solving skills for everyday life, to identify goals, to analyze methods of achieving those goals, and to assist students in making informed career choices. The business courses are not only valuable preparation for those students who are planning for a career in business, but also for those interested in other career paths. The business methods and skills taught will be useful to students entering the business field immediately after graduation, as well as to those planning to attend college or a business school.

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Family and Consumer Science:

This program includes courses in culinary arts and fashion. The culinary arts provide instruction in planning nutritionally balanced meals. Designing and constructing clothing design are included in fashion and furnishing.

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The Unified Arts Technology program provides students with an opportunity to participate in well organized career and/or vocational experiences. In these courses the fundamental skills of reading, writing, and mathematics are applied to creative projects and the students learn by doing. Students are instructed in the use of hand tools and power machines. They become acquainted with materials, industrial processes, labor information, and job/career opportunities.

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