Westhill Parent Teacher Student Organization.

E-mail - westhill@wptso.org


The WPTSO is the support organization for Westhill High School in Stamford, CT.

The role of the WPTSO is to lend financial and physical assistance to administration, faculty and students of Westhill.

2016-2017 WPTSO Board Information

            Co-Presidents                          Zoe Schwartz                                      danzoe@optonline.net

                                                            Elicia Lang                                           elicialang@yahoo.com

            Past President                         Anna Hallett                                        hallett1@optonline.net

            VP of Communications           Cathy Greenberg                                 cathygb@optonline.net

            VP of Fundraising                   Wendy Bennett                                   wendyhben@gmail.com

            VP of Non-Fundraising           Kelly Aronica                                       kellou@optonline.net

            VP of Social Events                 Virginia Prial                                       vprial@optonline.net

            Secretary                                 Deb Ehret                                            debehret@me.com

            Treasurer                                Melissa Friedman                               melijim@optonline.net

            PT Council Rep                        Alyssa Wallen                                     aawallen@aol.com

            Teacher Representatives        Tanesha Poyser                                   tpoyser@stamfordct.gov

                                                            Joe Andrews                                       jandrews2@stamfordct.gov

            Members at Large                  Kim Schweber                                     kimschweber@aol.com

                                                            Tara Shapiro                                       tarasshapiro@gmail.com                 

            After Prom                              Jeannie Kriftcher                                 jeanlesliek@yahoo.com

                                                            Jenny Fuchs                                         jenfuchs@me.com

            Backpack Program                  Jeannie Kriftcher                                 jeanlesliek@yahoo.com

                                                            Liz Rubin                                             lizzier1221@yahoo.com

            Career Center                          Elicia Lang                                           elicialang@yahoo.com

            Social Fundraising Event        Jenn Edwards                                      Jennifer.edwards@ge.com

                                                            Toni Brennan                                      tonibbdb@hotmail.com       

            Spiritwear Sales                     Teresa Fritz                                         wftf94@aol.com